Horticultural Wholesalers and manufacturers supplying horticultural sundries to Nurseries, Garden Centres and Landscapers throughout England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland. Yulgro pot topper disk for non chemical weed control of container grown nursery stock
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Luxury Lawn 10kg (Hardwearing) certified seed

Lawn Collection
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Brand: Greenfield - more
An ideal blend of amenity perennial ryegrasses and fine leaved fescues. Designed to rapidly produce a durable turf for most recreational activities including new lawns. This mixture with 75% perennial ryegrass will give one of the best hardwearing lawns available. Perfect for all those kids parties and hyperactive pets.

Eight steps of preparation for a fabulous new lawn
1. The ground should be dug up spade deep.
2. Rake the seed bed, remove any coarse stones etc and level at the same time.
3. Now the surface should rest from 14 -21 days so soil will settle and weeds will germinate.
4. Spray any weeds with a suitable glyphosphate weed killer
5. After 7-10 days and the weeds have died, break up the surface again with a rake 3-4 cm deep.
6. Sow a suitable Greenfield lawn seed mixture using the correct sowing rate steadily from the hand, bucket or mechanical spreader. Lawns can be sown from spring to the end of autumn. Pick a day where there is no rain and very little wind. Gently rake in the lawn seed along with some fertilizer, roll if necessary.
7. During the following 3-4 weeks the new sown surface must be protected against drying out. If necessary water.
8. When a height of 8 -10cm is achieved the young lawn is mowed for the first time. Frequent cutting, particularly in the young stage, leads to a thick strong lawn turf.
75% Perennial Rye Grass
Rapid establishment
High quality lawn and landscaping
Luxury Lawn 10kg (Hardwearing) certified seed Lawn Collection
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Further Information:
Quantity 10kg
Sowing rate 25 grams per sq. meter
Area coverage 400 sq. meters
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Horticultural Wholesalers and manufacturers supplying horticultural sundries to Nurseries, Garden Centres and Landscapers throughout England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland. Yulgro pot topper disk for non chemical weed control of container grown nursery stock
We are the manufacturers of the Unique Pot Toppers for the control of weeds and liverwort on commercial container grown Nursery stock

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